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    Sinn Titanium

    I’m about to pull the trigger on a Sinn 103 Ti IFR. I’m a bit surprised that it is not tegmintated. Any of you have experiences with the Ti used in Sinn watches? How will it hold up?

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    Re: Sinn Titanium

    Sinn uses both grade 2 and grade 5 titanium on their watches and I can’t find out what is used in the 103. If it’s grade 5 then I would say you have no worries but if grade 2 is used with no surface treatment I found the material to be prone to scratches.

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    Re: Sinn Titanium

    I have a ring made of 6-6-2 titanium, substantially tougher than grade 5. It is scratched to the point that it looks like it has a brushed finish.

    The tradeoff is weight vs. toughness; steel being much tougher.

    So if you are set on TI, just do it - the scuffs are part of the ownership experience.

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