Sinn U1 bracelet?

Thread: Sinn U1 bracelet?

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    Sinn U1 bracelet?

    I got my first Sinn and it was the U1 and I am reasoably sure it will be one of the few keepers in my collection. The hands are a treat on the eyes and add to its tool look. It came on the gorgeous bracelet that I in my wisdom took off to try the Sinn leather. It looked very good but was not the bracelet. Leather off, lugs taped, funky endpieces on the bracelet, springbar inserted and I am about to throw the watch and bracelet through the window!!! is there a secret way to push in the lower end so I can get the springbar started? I am through for the night but will pick up in the am.

    My thanks to any who migh have some suggestions besides taking to my local watch massacre person.


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    Re: Sinn U1 bracelet?

    I have the UX - and its was a right PITA - good luck.

    Luck - and patience.
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    Re: Sinn U1 bracelet?

    need me to post a video paul?

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