Sinn U1 SDR - Five Years In
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Thread: Sinn U1 SDR - Five Years In

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    Sinn U1 SDR - Five Years In

    Hey everyone, I haven't posted here in a long time but thought I would throw up some pics and a few words. I lurked around this forum for a while back in 2010-11 as I was looking into and finally got hold of a Sinn U1 SDR with large deployant. I have been wearing this watch as a daily beater for five years and have been blown away by how tought this thing is.

    The Sinn U1 has been my first 'proper watch' and will certainly not be my last. I work as a cop and wear this watch all the time when on and off duty. It has been through a lot, scrapes and bruises, high impact encounters, even the old scuba dive and spearfishing session. As you can see from the attached photos, I certainly do not baby this watch and have lost count of the times I have pranged it or bashed into a wall, door etc. What amazes me is not that the watch is slightly bashed but that it is still functioning amazingly well and only gains a few seconds per day.

    What this watch means to me cannot be put down in mere words. As I age and work to support my family I feel that the battle scars and marks on this watch show the hardships I go through on a daily basis, as well as marking time with its hands it seems to be storing the passage of years in its dings and scratches. I hope, and I say this without being morbid, that when I have finished with my few years on this planet that my kids will hold my watch, feel it and get a sense of my life and what I wore this watch through. That may be a bit of a sentimental view but I really look upon this watch as a piece of heritage that one day my kids will keep and hopefully use.

    Anyway, over the five years this watch has served me it has been serviced once, by a local jeweller who was tripping at how pimped out the movement was, he excitedly told me it is a better movement than many Rolexes he has serviced. The deployant also failed just under the two year mark, luckily the warranty was still in effect so a new deployant was quickly dispatched to me. Whilst waiting for the deployant I used a NATO strap which was actually pretty cool with this watch.

    So, here are some pics, you will see how the deployant has faired compared to the case. The deployant is made from normal steel whilst the case if made from German submarine steel which definitely feels hardened. The bezel is also started to weather at the corners, again this is not unexpected. The strap is still working well, it has gone a little shiny and the Sinn embossed logo has all but worn away.

    In short, I absolutely love this watch and it feels like a part of me. I spent a long time looking at brochures and trying different watches on when I began looking at a decent model, at first the weird hands on this watch repelled me but something kept pulling me back, before long I knew this was the watch for me. It is really a world class piece and you could spend many times what the Sinn costs to get something as tough and well made. I love it!

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    Re: Sinn U1 SDR - Five Years In

    Your U1 SDR still looks great! Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Bill P.

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    Re: Sinn U1 SDR - Five Years In

    I've been wearing my U2 constantly for probably the last 8 years and it's taken a beating. Granted, the life of a construction engineer is not as action packed as a cop's, but it's taken some pretty stout hits. It took a direct hit on a concrete block to scratch the AR coating. I've also managed to put some scratches on the tegimented bezel and a little ding in one of the lugs. But it certainly has outlasted every other watch I own.
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    Re: Sinn U1 SDR - Five Years In

    Thanks for posting! A great story and some great pictures. Thanks for your service and be safe out there.
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    Re: Sinn U1 SDR - Five Years In

    Long live the SDR!!! It's a Bad A** watch

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    Re: Sinn U1 SDR - Five Years In

    thats very impressive condition after 5 years of constant wear, especially given your profession.

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    Re: Sinn U1 SDR - Five Years In

    Great story. I also like a watch to show the adventures it has been put through. As an ex cop I can just imagine what yours has been through!

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    Re: Sinn U1 SDR - Five Years In

    Love the wabi all over the deployant! So much character...

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    Re: Sinn U1 SDR - Five Years In

    Really enjoyed reading your journey with this about a wrist shot? All the best Dave

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    Re: Sinn U1 SDR - Five Years In

    i love this story! i also use my sinn u1 as my daily wearer, and i do not baby looks as new as the day it came out of the box.
    can you tell me how the deploymant failed?? i too use the deploymant 90% of the time and only issue was that one screw came out which i replaced.

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