Sinn u1 vs breitling seawolf steel?
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Thread: Sinn u1 vs breitling seawolf steel?

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    Sinn u1 vs breitling seawolf steel?

    Hello sinn fans
    I am comparing between the sinn u1 and the breitling seawolf steel
    I know this is a sinn forum
    But for those whom tried both watches, which is more heavy duty watch that have no hassle or issue to wear it daily and resist every day wear?
    Which is more better built and constructed?
    I know that the seawolf has a very thick crystal (5.6 mm thick ) which reflects ruggedness of the watch .
    Need your opinions please?

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    Re: Sinn u1 vs breitling seawolf steel?

    You can get the entire U1 (bezel, case, bracelet) in that "tegimented" steel. It's what I have. It is supposed to be of superior durability, and more resistance to scratching, denting, and all manner of abuse. It is what I am currently wearing. I would be interested in knowing what steel the seawolf is made from. I am guessing just basic stainless?

    Sinn has a sapphire crystal which is about as tough as it gets. However, it does have an antireflective coating that is more prone to wear. (Mine has none so far).

    FWIW, I spend a lot of time in the water with my watches. My stainless LumiNox is pretty beat up, so I am betting on the tegimented steel...

    Hope this helps!
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    Re: Sinn u1 vs breitling seawolf steel?

    Nothing against the Breitling but I’ve got a U1 and saying it’s a nice watch is an understatement. Watch the latest Page and Cooper vid on YouTube about Sinn divers if you want some idea how tough the U1 is.

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    Re: Sinn u1 vs breitling seawolf steel?

    If Superman wore a watch, this would be it

    Highly recommend a fully tegimented version. It’s worth the extra cost


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