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    Sinn U2 spring bars

    Can you use 2.5mm spring bars from a Seiko?
    It looks that the one that come with it are weak or at least look weak, and your opinion on how good they hold, for you that are more than just desk divers.

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    Re: Sinn U2 spring bars

    the standard spring bars are fine. I haven't broken one yet. to find out if the fatter bar will fit, take the strap off and measure the diameter of the lughorn hole.

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    Re: Sinn U2 spring bars

    Yes, the fat spring bars from a Seiko will fit. I had the same thought as you and wanted a more substantial spring bar. I used the Large (23.5MM) bars and it fits perfectly. However, you will not be able to easily slide a Zulu strap between the spring bars and case as there is not enough gap. A NATO will probably work well though.

    Right now, I have the Sinn spring bars and use a Zulu strap. I haven't had any problems so far.

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