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Thread: Sinn UX weight

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    Sinn UX weight

    I was looking at a Sinn UX the other day. The size of the watch was fine on my wrist, however it had a metal strap on and it’s weight really surprised me. Sadly the shop did not have one with the rubber strap to try on. Has anyone tried both versions ? Is the rubber strapped version much lighter ?

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    Re: Sinn UX weight

    Unless the bracelet was sized correctly, a watch will always feel "heavy". That's one reason why a strap feels lighter - because it can be properly adjusted in the store.

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    Re: Sinn UX weight

    I swap mine between the bracelet, leather strap, and silicon all the time. As @cb1111 stated, if the bracelet isn't sized correctly, it will feel heavier. I do think its most comfortable on the silicon strap though. I only have the large buckle for the silicon, I have never tried the small buckle. I do think the large buckle somewhat balances the weight on your wrist.

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    Re: Sinn UX weight

    It’s a heavy watch. Period. Even with the silicon strap it’s pretty heavy. But, it’s worth it. If you go silicon do the large buckle as mentioned. It balances the entire watch better.
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    Re: Sinn UX weight

    Meant to do this earlier, if you’re still curious, the rubber strap does weigh less. But not as much as I would’ve guessed.

    In any case, the rubber and bracelet wear quite different. The bracelet like others. The rubber is stiffer and “likes” to be in a circle. Well let’s say oval. I find it very comfortable. But the buckle just a bit thick for typing, as is the bracelet’s buckle.

    Both sized for my 7.25 wrist.

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    Re: Sinn UX weight

    Even though the bracelet is classy (IMO), the 200 gms on the wrist is a no-go for me.
    I like my watches to stay 125 gm or below and GGB straps are a good option for UX or U2.

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