Sinn and praise
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Thread: Sinn and praise

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    Sinn and praise

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Sinn and I am very impressed with the quality of my 556 i b and the h link bracelet. It is very difficult to find time only watches. Especially with a blue dial.
    Watchbuys is one of the best retailers that I have dealt with. So fast. I purchase the watch and bracelet separately.
    The packaging on the bracelet was incredible. Thanks to both companies.
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    Re: Sinn and praise


    I totally agree with your assessment of WatchBuys & Sinn. I’ve had excellent customer service from both companies


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    Re: Sinn and praise

    My dealings with them has been nothing but top notch also.
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    Re: Sinn and praise

    It's common to see members bemoaning the service they got from a dealer or manufacturer so it's always heartening to hear someone dishing the plaudits out.
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    Re: Sinn and praise

    I have bought 3 watches from them and always good service. I’ll probbaly be getting another from them soon. Glad your happy as well
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    Re: Sinn and praise

    Quote Originally Posted by City74 View Post
    I have bought 3 watches from them and always good service.
    Same. I have also met the watchbuys guys at a few road shows over the years and it has always been a pleasure.

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    Re: Sinn and praise

    I agree Watchbuys has great service.
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    Re: Sinn and praise

    I agree. I've been to a couple of their DC roadshows and the guys are super nice and helpful. The two watches I've ordered from them were delivered promptly, and they're always quick to respond to any questions I've emailed them with, even on weekends.

    Five-star service.

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    Re: Sinn and praise

    Good to hear. I just pulled the trigger on a Sinn 104 through Watchbuys and can’t wait. I had a few bucks in WatchPoint Rewards so it came out to $1292.60.

    Can’t wait!!!!

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    Re: Sinn and praise

    Same here as well. Never an issue with Watchbuys or the mothership...
    Too many flipped...

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