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    Sinnformation Please

    Hey guys.

    I'm enjoying my first Sinn. It's a 356 Flieger Acrylic on a strap. It has the bead blasted finish. I'm wanting to order the bracelet but find that the smaller link bracelet that I like comes only in the satin finish and is for the 356 with the view through case back. Does anyone have watches of both finishes that can give me an idea of the difference. Thanks for any help or pics. The ones on Watchbuys do not give much of a real view of the bracelets.


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    Re: Sinnformation Please

    Satin = brushed finish.
    The clasp on my Seiko has a brushed finish...

    As you can see in the pic, with brushed finishes, the finish is made up of faint and parallel "scratch" or brush lines which gives it the less reflective appearance.

    IMO, mixing bead-blasted and brushed finishes will not look right.

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