So I turned 30 over the weekend....
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Thread: So I turned 30 over the weekend....

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    So I turned 30 over the weekend....

    I posted this on the main forum too but I reckon you guys might appreciate this a little more

    And I've got a really cool wife.

    This is gonna be a little long of a read....

    About 2 months ago, while browsing the local forums here in Singapore, I came across a UNDFTD X G-Shock collaboration and decided I was gonna get it. So I told my wife picked it up that evening after work. All well and good, new watch, everybody's happy. Then my wife proceeds to inform me that she's going to put the money back in my account and treat it as an early birthday present. Those words were just music to my ears, now really EVERYBODY'S happy!

    Then in early September, while browsing the Sinn forum here, I realised I'd never seen the Sinn 104 in person! That was something I had to correct so after work that day I paid the local AD a visit and had a quick catch-up with the sales rep there that I'm really familiar with, had a drink, stayed and chatted a bit. My wife met me there so we could then go for dinner. I was suitably impressed with the fit and finish of the 104 and decided it was something I was gonna get pretty soon.

    2 weeks or so passed when my wife asked me a very peculiar question 1 night while I was looking through the local forums once again (I was listing my U2S for sale) and I commented that there were quite a few of a particular model of watch for sale. She asked me, "Yeah but you still like the 104 right?".

    My spidey senses were tingling and I suspected that she was planning to buy it for my birthday and I asked her if she was going to. But being the honest woman that she is, she said no and I left it as that. Silly me.

    I'm sure you all know where this is going.

    So last Friday, while we were out with friends and I was my receiving my plethora of gifts, I get presented with a nicely wrapped, perfectly square box that looked suspiciously like a watch box. I looked at my wife who gave me a sheepish smile and I knew what it was!

    So I was going to get 2 watches from my wife for my birthday!

    Here they are....

    UNDFTED X G-Shock

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    Sinn 104
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    Re: So I turned 30 over the weekend....

    That's some wife you have there! That's what I call a great birthday present.

    Congratulations, and happy 30th!
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    Re: So I turned 30 over the weekend....

    Happy Birthday! You got two great presents and obviously have a great wife!
    Cheers, Bill P.

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    Re: So I turned 30 over the weekend....

    I think that qualifies as a Happy, Happy birthday! Congratulations on some sweet wrist candy from the Mrs.

    And no pressure for you to reciprocate on her birthday...

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    Re: So I turned 30 over the weekend....

    What a nice wife... and a nice watch!
    Enjoy and happy bday.

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