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    SOS - Sinn Owners of Sgp (SEA fine too!!!)

    as Martin suggested

    guys, this is going to be a long shot but one that i feel might be worth putting in some time and effort to try to bring it to reality.

    after realizing that there are many Sinn owners on this Forum who are from Singaland, i thought why not we can have some kind of unofficial SOS.

    but yes, as someone pointed out ... what do we do??

    gather around for coffee and talk endlessly about watches??
    well, that could be one, however "dodo" that might sound :-D

    but of course, in the longer term, we could look at quite a few other possibilities. among the few that i could think of would be:

    i) become a small unofficial lobby group for Sinn owners in the SEA region.

    ii) ref point 1 above, we could discuss with HG and Sinn whether we can explore a possibility of arranging for a twice-a-year when Sinn can send a guy down to collect all the Sinns from the SEA region back to Sinn for servicing.

    i thought about this because of the many horror stories of Sinns getting stolen when being sent back by DHL (or whatever other companies) to Sinn for servicing.

    this is a valid thing because unlike other watches which could be sent for servicing with JW's in Singapore (i think they are well-trained enough to deal with just about any watch there are out there),

    Sinn watches, with their special Ar, Copper Sulphate thingy and special oil thingy, they must be sent back to Sinn. no one else can do it, unless Sinn opens up a servicing centre in (maybe) Singapore to service all the Sinns in the SEA or Asia region??

    i dread the time when i have to send my EZM1 for servicing ... really ... the thought that it could be stolen, just makes me think it's not worth to send for servicing!

    of course this is a long shot but one that i think really deserves some serious thought.

    of course, the Sinn guy wouldn't just need to come over and get the watches and go (macam pizza delivery huh??), but we could always organize a once-a-year Sinn event like the recent Breitling showcase event at NgeeAnnCity.

    iii) well, besides coffee, SOS members could always organize events like going on a travel tour to anywhere??
    you know, just a get together, sign up for a package tour to go Bkk, or whereever.

    It doesn't just have to be watches that SOS members talk about you know??
    because i am sure we will be a diverse group with many interests and hobbies (besides just watches) and goodness knows what other things we might be able to come up with.

    iv) again, another very long shot, but we could also work in tandem with HG to organize a trip to Sinn in Germany? instead of trying to organize it ourselves (which of course we can), we can always work with HG.

    v) working with HG to organize events like the one last year??
    I saw on this Forum that some other countries, their ADs could give out caps with the GSG9 emblem, or Sinn torches, and goodness knows what else Sinn has???
    we can always get HG to give us a few caps and what not??

    not some cheapo attempt to get caps, no no. But in organizing these things, we are also raising awareness of the Sinn marque. (this is not to say that Sinn is not "famous" yet. in fact, i think awareness of Sinn is reaching astronomical proportions).

    well guys, those are the few things that i could think of.
    the only thing is that, as always, all of us are busy individuals who barely have enough time to spend with our families.

    so ..... this might just prove to be the biggest stumbling block.

    but then again, we can take it slow and easy ... no need to rush things.

    we can form a loosely organized SOS, you know, not like one where there is a rigid hierarchy etc etc ..... but just some form of loose skeletal hierarchy.

    and we can always communicate by having an email grouping. that's easy.
    members can read anything at their own timing and discretion, and respond accordingly.
    there is no need for fixed once every 3mth meetings or whatsoever.

    yes guys, it is a very very long shot, but one well worth us trying.

    so, what do you guys think???

    for the first small step, maybe what i can offer to do now is to start compiling a list of Sinn owners in Singapore and their email contacts.
    it's just a list, and dun worry, ain't going to spam you guys with spam mails.

    please email me at [email protected]

    and i will spend some time compiling the list. after which i can send out a mass mail and everyone will be able to contact everyone else. How's that?
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    Re: SOS - Sinn Owners of Singapore

    Phantom, have emailed you separately regarding registering as a Singapore Sinn owner and here are some of the ideas that perhaps others can comment on and even contribute/refine existing ideas, :-D

    YES, support for the Sinn SOS project. I think it is a great idea but Sinn (Germany) must offer us support and it must be a project that has mutual benefits. What I mean is that while we act as ambassadors for Sinn, Sinn has to do more for this SOS group other than offer caps as goodies.

    For instance, the last time HG organised that soft launch and get together in Singapore (Pauliner Brahaus) where substantive prizes were offered. If we are to become a community of Sinn owners, lets do it well but Sinn has to be very supportive in terms of monetary rewards. It has to be a win-win relationship.

    In particular, I like the idea of organising group tours to Frankfurt, the Sinn factory. This is useful so that people understand the manufacturing process plus company philosophy. A co-pay scheme may be considered regarding the cost issue.

    I also like the idea of having someone from Sinn come to Singapore on an annual basis. Maybe when he is here, HG can in conjunction with Sinn organise talks and informal gathering sessions so that people talk can about Sinn watches, learn more about latest Sinn products and collect informal feedback/suggestions. I agree that Sinn representative should be more than a "pizzaz" delivery guy collecting and sending watches for servicing.

    My suggestion is that aside from this annual gathering, the SOS community can once in every 3-6 months organise informal gatherings over drinks (self -pay basis) where owners of Sinn watches and those interested in Sinn watches can meet, discuss and view each other Sinn watches. It also offers those interested to see Sinn watches in person and this is useful especially for those hard to come by Sinn watches like the U1/2 currently. This will become the community for Sinn lovers and like-minded people with interest in watches.

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    Re: SOS - Sinn Owners of Singapore

    hi Koolcat and guys ... guess what?? the response has been overwhelming.
    overwhelmingly poor, that is O|

    for the precious few who did respond, errr, we go slow ok?? slow and steady makes the day ....
    for one, we got to have critical mass first. without that, i don't think this will become reality, and HG or Sinn ain't going to give a hoot to what we can dream of if our critical mass cannot even reach anywhere like 15-20.

    also, we really would welcome any Sinn owner to join us in our activities, even if you are not a Singaporean, or if you don't live in Singapore.

    for one, i had the idea that our fellow Sinn'ers in places like M'sia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia etc, they could join us in our activities as well (of course, if this project even gets going, that is).

    as i said previously, for a start, i will help to compile at least an email listing of all Sinn owners in Singapore who would support such a project.

    Koolcat, yes, we could have these gathering like 3-6mth thingy ... and welcome non-Sinn owners to come take a look at the Singapore Sinn Family.

    and of course, if project takes off, would be great to get Sinn & HG to offer a certain level of support.

    hehehe ... in fact, KoolCat, i think you got better "guan xi" to push for these than rest of us, i think. tell you more in separate mail. B-)

    Meanwhile, guys, please support our idea for this project. It is for us, by us, and all about us, Sinn owners. :thanks

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    Re: SOS - Sinn Owners of Singapore


    Sorry for the slow response. You know lah, dinner starts at 7:30pm but we sometimes show up at 8:30pm :-D

    Phantom, you should see my email real soon. I am definitely in support of the activities you guys mentioned. I look at this as a good opportunity for us to meet up with the other Sinn owners. Not only that, we can get to meet with other watch enthusiasts who might not be Sinn owners. I believed our passion is not only in Sinn watches but in other brands as well.

    My only problem is I lived oversea right now and probably cannot join you guys that often. Also, I am not an official Sinn owner yet because I am still waiting for my first Sinn. But still...count me in!


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    wan shi qi tou nan .... the first steps are always the most difficult ...

    hi guys, just a little update.

    initially, i had the idea that should response prove to be overwhelmingly poor, i would just ditch those half-baked ideas i have and just send all who responded an email to apologize for the "false hopes".

    oh, yes, response is still overwhelmingly god damn poor. O|

    but, from just the small bunch who have responded so far, and also KoolCat's ideas, i really do not feel we should ditch it just because initial response is poor. (you know, as some will say, "mmm kum sim").

    so, i have decided that no matter what the level of response is, us pioneer batch of people (ie, those of us who responded and are the very first batch who will meet in the "TBA" meeting), we must have the will to pull this through.

    simply because i strongly believe in this and the benefits it will bring to us, to Sinn, and also THG.

    guys, don't worry if you have not heard from me. the idea is still very much alive, and however small it starts off with, it can only go on to bigger and better things.

    BUT ... that is if and only if you group of pioneers are willing to put in the time and effort to pull this through (i'm counting on All of you, really).

    you know, 'All for one, one for all'. Cliche as it may be, but that's the only way this can work.

    anyway, i've giving this some time. maybe people are a bit busier than usual and have not responded.

    you guys will hear from me soon, i promise.

    i believe in this and want to make it work. but i need you all to believe in it too and make it work. together, we will.
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    Re: SOS - Sinn Owners of Singapore

    Hi guys. Can I join in as well? Maybe I can help give advice? Since... I have handled quite a fair bit of Sinn. And I love to talk watches anyway. :-D

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    Re: SOS - Sinn Owners of Singapore

    count me in! will try and help in any way I can...!

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    Re: SOS - Sinn Owners of Singapore

    I support your idea!!!

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    Re: SOS - Sinn Owners of Singapore

    Hi Phantom, in your email to me you said that I have special "guan xi" which I actually don't have come on, tell me what "guan xi" are we talking about?

    Also, what is the quroum on this issue now? Talk must be followed by action, right? SUMO! SUMO (Shut Up and Move On) :-D

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    Re: SOS - Sinn Owners of Singapore

    aiiii, Kat, dun worry, we will soon be SUMO'ing.
    Guys, dun worry, as i said, this project is very much alive, since i am 'mmm kum sim' to ditch it just like that.

    but as i said, we give it some time ok?? Some Singalanders are famous for doing nothing but work, work, work and more work (damn, can they WORK)
    so, give 'em some time ... maybe they have not visited the Forum for a while.

    don't worry, i am compiling the list ... it's not huge anyway :P
    on 2nd thoughts, it might be good to have a small pioneer group. more manageable meetings!!

    as for the actual numbers ... hehehe, let's keep that a surprise for now lah ok? we will know when we finally meet up.

    aiii, we'll all have like 2-3hours to talk when we meet up, so relac relac man, dun stress ... not good for health ... :P:P

    guys, be patient .... you will hear from me via email (not here lah) very soon. i am giving another week or so for late responses.

    meanwhile, what we all could do is to think over what KoolCat and i suggested previously, and also to come up with whatever other ideas you have.

    then it will ensure our first meeting isn't going to be just sitting around having coffee (tea or beer??) and just thrashing around aimlessly.
    we are all busy individuals, so that's the last thing i want to do when i call for the first meet-up.

    i am targetting the 1st meet-up sometime in May, so relac relac lah.
    but of course you will hear from me within a week or so there.

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