T1 vs T2 fit question
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Thread: T1 vs T2 fit question

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    T1 vs T2 fit question

    Seriously considering the T1/T2 but can't try on for size... I currently have a EZM2 Hydro (original version) that feels a bit small on the wrist but am worried that the T1 will be enormous... Wrist size is 7.125"... Anyone wearing a large watch like this with a similar wrist size?

    As an aside I have a B&R BR03-92 that is 41mm but has a slightly larger lug to lug measurement than the T1 (51mm vs 50mm) and I like the way it fits...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...Photos would be a bonus if you have some


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    Re: T1 vs T2 fit question

    You want to go with the T1. I bought the T2 and found it to be too small for my 7" wrist. Sold the T2 and bought the T1. I'm glad I did. Love the bigger dial and I think it fits just fine. Remember, the lugs are quite short and total L2L is well within reason for your wrist size.
    Here are a few pics of mine on the wrist.

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    Re: T1 vs T2 fit question

    I've owned the T2 and EZM 3 (same size as EZM2). If you think the EZM2 is too small, then you will definitely think the T2 is too small. If you are looking to sell the EZM2, PM me!

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    I'll keep you in mind but most likely won't part with it... Sold an EZM 1 that I had and regret it every day...

    Sounds like the T1 is the way to go...

    Thanks for the info guys... Very helpful as always...

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    Re: T1 vs T2 fit question

    Update... Went ahead and ordered the T1... Couldn't be happier... The T2 would have felt very small on my wrist especially with the stubby lugs...

    Helped make a difficult decision much easier... Thanks for the info guys...
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    Re: T1 vs T2 fit question

    Quote Originally Posted by augustusblack View Post
    Update... Went ahead and ordered the T1
    Congrats, looking forward to your arrival thread

    The T1 has been weighing heavily on mind as of late...trying to decide which divers to flip

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    Re: T1 vs T2 fit question

    Quote Originally Posted by augustusblack View Post
    [COLOR=#333333]Wrist size is 7.125"

    PS- Are you sure this is your wrist size? You should actually measure it instead of just ballparking ;)

    Congrats on your new T1, they are freakin' awesome looking, would love to have one.

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