TeStaF Accuracy Requirements?

Thread: TeStaF Accuracy Requirements?

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    TeStaF Accuracy Requirements?

    All, I have read that TeStaF requires a certain level of accuracy. Does anyone know what that means specifically?

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    Re: TeStaF Accuracy Requirements?

    googling for answers, posts in the past -2008 etc- state guys have found the Val 7750 runs around +6 secs/day on the average. Some have gotten 1 sec/day! My 103 ti TESTAF runs fine but never timed it. It kept time with my MMaster and multiband G Shock.

    Referring to description of TESTAF test requirements is the following:

    Further: accuracy tests are to be taken in four positions (6 up, 9 up, dial up, case back up) and at the following temperatures: -15°C, 23°C and 55°C, with the watch fully wound. Minimum acceptable accuracy under these conditions is plus/minus 30 seconds/day; at 23° no less than 15s/day, with a power reserve of at least 36 hours, with the first three hours with active stopwatch function..

    above reference came from: https://forums.watchuseek.com/f7/int...ed-723008.html
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