Titanium and screw down crown...
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Thread: Titanium and screw down crown...

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    Titanium and screw down crown...


    Just got rather contradicting information aroundthe Titanium used in the 103. First it was grade 5, now they hav corrected themselves and we are talking level 2. Disapointing to say the least. Anyway; should the combination soft Ti combined with an screw down crown be considered an issue?

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    Re: Titanium and screw down crown...

    I think it would only be an issue if you plan to expose it to water (pool, hot-tub, ocean, etc.). There is a pretty cool website that allows you to contrast mechanical properties of various metals.

    Grade 2 Ti vs. 6061 Al can be found here: https://www.makeitfrom.com/compare/6...50400-Titanium

    Essentially, even grade 2 is substantially tougher than aluminum. I have enough experience with 6061 to pronounce it quite durable. I think the only concern you would have is if you cross-threaded, and as we all know, that's a problem even with hardened steel.

    But, if you are concerned on how the Ti will hold up during the Zombie Apocalypse, and weight will not be an issue, it sounds like you'd have more peace of mind with a tegemented steel watch...

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    Re: Titanium and screw down crown...

    If I’m not mistaken I think the crown and crown tubes are steel.
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    Re: Titanium and screw down crown...

    This is of no use unless someone can confirm the threads are titanium, but... I had one of these for 15 years with no issues. I always screw backwards until the threads “click” then screw them down.

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    Re: Titanium and screw down crown...

    I can't speak for Sinn models specifically, but typically case tubes are made of steel even on Ti cases. The crowns may be Ti on the outside, but often the threaded portion of the crown (depending on the design) is also made of steel, so it's steel threading into steel. For example I just serviced an Omega Seamaster that has a Ti case, and the case tube was steel, the crown was Ti, but the threaded post in the crown is steel.

    You can see the case tube here is bright stainless on the case:

    Inside the Ti crown, the post is also steel:

    Often case backs of Ti watches will be made of steel, like the Tudor Pelagos I serviced recently.

    If the case back is not made of a completely different material, then often an insert will be used for the threads that is a different material, like this Panerai:

    Ti has a tendency to gall very easily when threaded to itself, so using dissimilar materials helps prevent that. If Ti is used for both sides of a threaded joint, then liberal application of silicon grease is recommended on the threads to keep them from seizing up.

    By the way the impression that Ti is very strong is true, but it's also quite soft, in particular when it comes to refinishing cases or bracelets. Light touch is needed or a lot of material will be removed rather quickly.

    Cheers, Al
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    Re: Titanium and screw down crown...

    I’ve got plenty of watches with steel crown tubes and grade 2 Ti crowns so whatever grade of titanium Sinn finally settle on I doubt you’ll have any issues.

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