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    U1 running REALLY fast

    I've had my new to me U1 for three days now and have been loving it. That said, I recently noticed that it seemed fast - like 5 mins. fast!!!! I had re-set it when if got it on Xmas day.

    I re-set it an hour ago and it has gained 7 secs in that hour. Clearly something is wrong.

    Is someone able to provide some guidance on what I should do as I'm quite new to all this. I would really appreciate it.


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    Re: U1 running REALLY fast

    I'm sorry to hear that, especially as you said you might be new to mechanical watches. I've owned many watches over the years and have never had such a problem. However, it does seem that your watch may have become magnetized (exposed to a strong electro-magnetic field). This can magnetize the movement and cause such accelerations. If that's the problem, then the fix is getting the watch demagnetized, which a well equipped watchmaker should be able to do. I have no direct experience with this, but others here may have helpful advice.

    Also...If the watch was magnetized while owned by the previous owner, you may be able to work out a return with him, or a refund to pay for the fix. Most reputable sellers offer an offer of reversing the deal if you're not satisfied. It may depend on the seller and when the watch became magnetized.
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    Re: U1 running REALLY fast

    Magnetized Anachron hairspring will not give you 7 sec faster in an hour (magnetization of modern hairspring can cause roughly about 3-5 sec per day level). Most possible reason of this scenario is, two turns of hairspring touches together due to shock or fiber-like dust inside case.

    I guess whole balance wheel has to be replaced. Return to seller might be the best solution for a new watch.

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    However, it does seem that your watch may have become magnetized (exposed to a strong electro-magnetic field).

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