U1 vs AT2000, a sizing ????

Thread: U1 vs AT2000, a sizing ????

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    Question U1 vs AT2000, a sizing ????

    Well folks, it's down to either a U1 or a AT2000 for me.

    Looking for something less common and with a bit of uniqueness and character.

    The question becomes which has less wrist presence? Meaning, doesn't look huge on my somewhat slim 7" wrists?

    Granted, both on paper are close enough in dimensions to be same.

    Have any of you strapped both to your own wrists for comparison?

    Not concerned with internal movement or ability to change between band to strap.

    Regardless of which one, must be versatile enough to go from a 3 piece suit to a wet suit and everything between.

    For reference, my current all day/every day wearer is a Ball XV.

    If I can only have one, then which one?

    I am all ears!

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    Re: U1 vs AT2000, a sizing ????

    "Wrist presence" is a common feature of dive watches.

    Though the U1 is slightly shorter lug to lug, these watches are pretty
    close in size.

    I think there is more to wrist presence than size and weight. To my eye
    a polished case, bright bezel features, and large crown make the watch
    more visible, which adds to the wrist presence. However, I suspect the
    only person to notice will be you.

    The U1 with the black bezel (SDR) was my choice.

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    I wish the U1 were lighter, but I wear it anyway. I like the simple,
    unpolished look. The watch has an appealing character. I have
    found it does not fit under all shirt cuffs. I expect you have that
    experience with the Ball XV.

    I suppose you could find one, but is the AT2000 out of print?

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