UX watch straps, "skinny" wrist

Thread: UX watch straps, "skinny" wrist

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    UX watch straps, "skinny" wrist

    Hello everybody
    I'm a new member from Canada, EH !
    this forum is amazing !
    I just purchased a used UX from a member here
    I am anxiously awaiting delivery, which is scheduled for Wed. the 10th
    I am thinking of purchasing these 2 straps
    TheStrapSmith - Custom Leather Watch Straps by Rob Montana
    Sinn Strap - U1, U2, UX - Black Silicone Rubber Black Tegimented Compact Buckle
    I have a question for all the "skinny" wristed UX owners
    my wrist is 6.5"
    do you think these 2 straps will fit my wrist properly and look good ?
    I'm concerned the silicone strap may not hang properly from the spring bars, does that make any sense ?


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    Re: UX watch straps, "skinny" wrist

    Welcome to the family of "SINNers" and the forum, Jamie. You goings to enjoy the UX. I have a 7.5" wrist and enjoyed my UX on the bracelet and the Sinn rubber strap. I never have used an after-market strap on any of my Sinn watches.

    I hope others with small wrists can give you counsel. I just wanted to say, welcome! and we look forward to seeing a lot of you and your Sinn here on the forum. Please post some pics of your watch when ti arrives. Cheers, Bill P.

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