VAT refund/customs in Stuttgart Airport?

Thread: VAT refund/customs in Stuttgart Airport?

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    VAT refund/customs in Stuttgart Airport?

    Hi, couldn't find via search...

    I'm flying out of Stuttgart airport soon with one, maybe two, Sinn watches that I will have purchased at the Sinn factory store in Frankfurt. I was wondering where the customs desk is inside the airport so that I might get my VAT forms stamped so that I might send them back to Sinn for the VAT refund?

    Anyone with insight?

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    Re: VAT refund/customs in Stuttgart Airport?

    You can get cash refund at the Global Blue office at the airport before your return flight. I'm certain Sinn will provide you with the correct form to fill out prior to your departure.

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    Re: VAT refund/customs in Stuttgart Airport?

    From others accounts, Global Blue is one of the services that keeps a large percentage of the refund, I was hoping for simply the customs desk that could stamp my tax form, allowing me to send back to the Sinn store, at which time Sinn would refund the full VAT amount...


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