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    What to buy next

    Hi, Im posting in this forum because I really quite like the Sinn 103 st and it is between this watch and the Seiko SBDX01 MM300 for my next purchase.

    Have any 103 owners owned both to give me an idea of how they compare in terms of build quality ? I know they are different styles of watches and with totally different movements, functions and appeal but I really like both of them and im finding it difficult to pick between them.


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    Re: What to buy next

    The Valjoux 7750 in the 103 is not the most refined movement as most owners will tell you but it is reliable and rugged.
    I've read a lot of guys don't like the noise it can make or the "wobble" effect it has when winding sometimes.
    If you're extra picky about that sort of thing the 103 might not be for you.
    Otherwise its an awesome and beautiful chrono in it's various configurations.

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    Re: What to buy next

    A couple of things to consider, one is size, the Seiko is pretty big vs the 103. The Seiko is, as you mentioned, a completely different animal than the 103. In this case, it would really depend on what you want the watch to be. Something to beat up everywhere do anything with? Or, something a bit more refined, maybe even a bit elegant (for a pilot anyway). The 103 can certainly withstand some abuse, as I have seen many a picture with them all beat to heck. But, even with that, it's not really a "tool" watch IMO.

    Personally, the 103 fits a great niche as a piece that can be easily worn with a suit, or in shorts hanging around with friends. The Seiko, to me anyway, less so. The Seiko reminds me of the U series by Sinn. I wear my UX for everything, but not usually dressing up. Up casual yes, but I wouldn't wear it with a suit. Mostly, because it is pretty thick and tough to fit under proper sleeves, and it's a little clunky in that purpose. The Seiko, I think, would have that issue as well. The 103, not so much.

    Build quality? Six to one, half dozen to the other...

    Reallly, the 103st is a hands down, classic. And with the acrylic superdome it just oozes cool. So, there you go.
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    Re: What to buy next

    I don't have the particular Seiko you are asking for. But from Seiko I have a Prospex SUN023 and couple GS. And I have a few Sinn in my collection. the build quality of Sinn and Seiko is on par, either watch will be an excellent addition to a collection. GS quality is on a different level.
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    Re: What to buy next

    The 103st and the MM300 are really different.

    In one hand, you have a chrono pilot with a vintage aspect, with a TOP valjoux 7750 (personally, I love the "noise" and the feeling of the movement rumbling on the wrist);
    In the other hand, you have a diving watch with a real personnality, with a 8L35 (which is a GS movement without the decoration and accuracy control - but at least, the same movement so nice quality).

    So both watches are crazy in their own category. If you want a diving watch, I would go for the MM300, if you want a chrono pilot, I would go for the 103 st :D

    I know this will not help you, so here my advice : buy both :D ahah

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    Re: What to buy next

    Thanks for the replies guys :) I am swaying backwards and forth between the two. I can get either both for pretty much the same price it now seems. I have emailed a seller twice called Classic Watches in Germany and had no reply so it looks like I will have to buy from a UK seller if I want the Sinn which is annoying as the Euro is very weak at the moment.

    The Seiko is as much a classic as the 103 in its own field imo because it has provenance to dive watches from the 60's it also has a really good movement and nicely designed case. Its movement really sets it apart from the Sinn infact. But I aready have two divers and no chrono and I love the design of the Sinn, the case height is a bonus and having a more common movement should make servicing a breeze in comparison.

    As for the respective quality levels , I know Seiko offer such a broad spectrum from £100 to £5000 + whereas Sinn are more like £800 to £5000 but the Seiko SBDX01 is pretty high level in the Seiko family with a GS movement and a one piece case, hand painted dial and all that. Whereas the Sinn 103 St is their entry level chrono without any bells and whistles. Which is perfect for a 'tool' Flieger Chrono and the acrylic reinforces that quality.
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    Re: What to buy next

    Another vote for the 103 - this is the only chrono you ever need.

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