Will a SEL 103 bracelet fit a 104?

Thread: Will a SEL 103 bracelet fit a 104?

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    Will a SEL 103 bracelet fit a 104?

    Hello everyone. I just saw some pics of a Sinn 104 on a hollow end link 103 bracelet. It looks great and, since I don't like Sinn's official bracelet for the 104, I plan to do the same. However I really prefer SEL bracelets so would would prefer to get hold of one of those if it will fit.

    Does anyone know if it will fit a 104? I know the watches are different thickness but figured the mid case might be the same with the extra thickness of the 103 in the case back.

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    Re: Will a SEL 103 bracelet fit a 104?

    Your best bet is to contact watchbuys.com (or another dealer) and ask them. They can give you a definitive answer.

    edit - I have a feeling that hollow endlinks were used on the watch you saw because the solid ones didn't fit.
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    Re: Will a SEL 103 bracelet fit a 104?

    No. I have a new 103 and was told an SEL won't fit. But the 104 bracelet does. So, I would say the 104 cannot except the SEL bracelet.
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