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When I first saw this watch on tv (Beverly hills 90210) early 1990's (UK tv), I knew nothing about it (price/brand/quartz/automatic/functions etc) - I just loved the look of it.

Years later I found the model number and managed to purchase a nos (new old stock) example.

I got rid of the bracelet (I dislike pretty much all bracelets.)

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Bracelet with price tag.

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Manual cover.

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Description of chrono use.

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On replacement leather strap.

Points of interest:-

The glass is only mineral - not sure why as sapphire was available on non chrono 2000 from same period.

The movement is 2 movements linked together (quartz time keeping and mechanical chronograph) hence the out of align crown and pushers and magnified date window.

The buttons have a solid mechanical click and instant reset to zero but lack lap/split timing facility.- can be started and stopped repeatedly though.

The 12 hour chrono carries on after 12 hours - just running constantly.

Both seconds hands (regular at 12'oclock position and large chrono second hand) tick twice per second - not sure why but I like it.

The bracelet (I hate bracelets anyway) felt very 'tinny' - but I believe a lot of bracelets of this era were all folded links.

The bezel feel cheap and loose when turned (compared to Seiko 007) - but to be fair does stay in position when set.

The screw down crown feels cheap and 'scratchy' to me - but does screw down fine.

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Next to Seiko 5 I have owned for 25 years - and I feel shares a similar clear/bold hands against silver dial.

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Next to a quartz Accurist I bought early 90's as it was the closest thing I could find to the Tag style. Accurist is plated coating on brass, Tag is bead blasted stainless steel.

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One of the things I like is that the Tag looks like a watch with a chronograph added (clear main hands), this Lorus to me sacrifices clarity to the chronograph.

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As does this accurist.

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I love how the subdials have minimal marking and don't overpower the main watch.

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At a certain light/angle the subdials appear silver to match main dial.

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But at another angle they appear darker - adds interest.

The subdials have a circular pattern visible under magnification but I can't see it with naked eye except for how it reacts to light.

The tritium hands/ dial markers have aged slightly differently but not offensive so.