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    Service Advice Appreciated


    I bought this COSC Link used, about 9 months ago. It runs fine, but it is my first dip into a nice automatic. I have since picked up a Seiko 007 for a knockaround. Anyway, I could really use advice on how often I should have this watch serviced. Also,there is some light scratching on the polished bezel. Would I be able to have a polish to that bezel at the same time as servicing? Forgive my ignorance..I am learning
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    Re: Service Advice Appreciated

    I'd love to hear more about this subject myself as I'm also a new owner of a brand new Link Chronograph caliber 16 automatic, and would like to know about service intervals, how people were treated if sending it back to Tag (I've read more horror stories than good to date). Aside from Tag, are there any GOOD, REPUTABLE watch repair shops that know what they're doing that I could send a Tag to to be serviced, if I didn't want to deal with Tag? Since Tags seem to use pretty widespread common movements, I would assume a shop that really knew what it was doing with automatics would have no problems servicing a Tag in general. Also, is it advised to wear the watch daily if one wants to ideally preserve its lifespan, versus letting the watch run down and getting a complete rest every now and then?
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    Re: Service Advice Appreciated

    Hi there,

    Yes they should throw the bezel polishing in with the service. Watch them ADs as they're expensive, service shouldn't cost more than £50-80tops or $100-$160

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