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    First Fortis for me

    Hi all, well i just got delivery of my first Fortis today, many will probably think hmmm thats a strange first choice, well yeah but hey, its a start.

    The reason behind the choice is fairly obvious, i like the look of the unique and fun nature of the dial.

    First impressions, oh my, Fortis supply some terrible OEM straps. Way too short and undersized, totally lacking substance. Some of you will disagree but thats my personal taste.
    The PVD coating complements the blackboard nature of the dial quite well.
    The screw in crown feels to me just a little "funky". What i mean is it feels like it wants to screw in more with a bit of force, but reading other members posts on the screw in crown versus the push in crown and the threading that can happen, ill just tighten it up to what i think will do.

    Anyway, enough of my blah, blahs. Heres the unpacking ceremony followed by a few close-up shots. Hope you enjoy.

    Regards, Mike.

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    Re: First Fortis for me

    Great watch and a great unpacking presentation!
    Congrats on your new watch!

    As for the bands - "short" depends on wrist size, with that Bund pad the "effective" length is also shorter than without. But I fully agree that the bands that come with the 40mm Fortis do lack a bit of substance.

    Screw down crown (all, not only Fortis), please read on: It may sound a little counter intuitive, but the safest way to screw a crown back in is to first turn it counterclockwise (the "unscrewing" direction) while applying a little pressure - you will then feel the threads "snapping in" when you are in the correct position - then start turning it clockwise ("screw in" direction).

    And finally, what I really love on this particular watch dial since I first ever have seen it, is the "Zero to the zero power" at the 12 o'clock position - a real IQ test - reasons given here (Wikipedia link).

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    Re: First Fortis for me

    Nice one. Really original.

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    Re: First Fortis for me

    Congrat's on joining the club!
    Now, you KNOW I won't argue your points on the Fortis straps - they simply belong on a Timex as far as I'm concerned.
    And yes, they're made for much smaller people than us apparently.
    Post pix when you get a new Toshi
    "If your signature is longer than your posts, delete it!"

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    Re: First Fortis for me

    amazing photos! excellent choice for a first fortis.
    Don't let life discourage you, everyone who got where he is had to start where he was - LAO TZU

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