Breilting Chronospace A56012-1 : Fake or not?

Thread: Breilting Chronospace A56012-1 : Fake or not?

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    Confused Breilting Chronospace A56012-1 : Fake or not?

    Hello dear Forum Members!

    I hope you can help me.

    First question: What do you think: This Breilting is original or a fake one?

    At first sight the strange part : Is the pointers (I can not find any Chronospace with this type of pointers, look the ends!) Can you see anything else?
    I hope you have more experience in it!

    Second question:
    This watch has a B56 movement, right? It seem to be if the watch is correct, I will need another B56 movement, because I can not adjust any funcitons.
    If I try moving the crown (does not matter how fast):
    - nothing happens
    - jumps randomly (between functions or the digital values)
    Two other problems with the machanizm: Ring randomly (labout ~ 10 minutes), the minute pointer not "running", just jumping about every minute (between two jumps, the pointer is "trembling").

    What do you think: This type of movement error is fixable? If not, where can I get a working movement?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Re: Breilting Chronospace A56012-1 : Fake or not?

    The hands look like very early Aerospace hands (1st generation) that maybe have been relumed at some point. The rest of the watch looks authentic but the B56 is unavailable anymore unless you find a used one. Breitling will replace this movement in the Aerospace with a superquartz upgrade movement but I don't know if they will do that for the Chronospace even though it will fit fine. The earlier Type 56 movement can be purchased aftermarket but the lower display is smaller but I have seen some Aerospaces's and Chronospace's fitted with them.

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