Six Figure Reef watch pics (modem warning!) Searaider

Thread: Six Figure Reef watch pics (modem warning!) Searaider

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    Six Figure Reef watch pics (modem warning!) Searaider

    Last night the faithful gathered in the classroom above Ocean Frontiers for a little "show and tell" watch wise. The resulting pics (you've seen some from the other Searaider participants) were mouth watering to say the least!

    I'll apologize in advance for slow loading, I usually resize the pics in Photo Shop before posting for fast loading (I can make them larger, but in a smaller fina, but I don't have Photo Shop on this machine . When I get home, I'll edit in properly sized versions, to make it much more modem friendly.

    Here's the group shot (and we're missing a few here and there still!)

    Whse' box (the BIG one) and a few that wouldn't fit , along with Jason's Pelican case (and two loose Friker cased divers) and Doc Pete's Irish Star...

    Back row, Ty's Tusa, Searambler and LV Submariner, next row forward, Thor's 1000T Pro (I think), a Doxa Tank (this one was a stunner in person, we should'a MADE them put it into production!) and a Doxa Airman reissue. Yellow case is MTJO's (better pics coming) and in front of that are my five gems, with J Moors next in front (ditto better pics), and T Mahaun's 5000T and 750T on the far left.

    Here's a better shot of MTJO's box...

    And J Moors' contribution....

    A couple Searaider's looking over and photographing the watches....

    That's all for now guys, I do have a few pretty good above water pics of the Searaider '08 rally, but I'll probably wait until I can resize properly. Unless I get really bored at the airport tomorrow (I doubt it, I expect it'll be a mad house!). Not so sure on our chances of getting out though, the wind is really whipping here already, not sure anything will be flying in the morning! For now, I need to get a couple hours nap before the crazieness of tomorrow!
    Regards, T Bone.

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    Re: Six Figure Reef watch pics (modem warning!) Searaider

    WOW! Fantastic stuff!

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    Re: Six Figure Reef watch pics (modem warning!) Searaider

    Great, just great!

    Best of luck getting out! Not much frills in the GC airport.


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    Re: Six Figure Reef watch pics (modem warning!) Searaider

    Imressive collection. Looks like Doxa heaven.

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