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    Tomorrow is also the day....

    Climbing out of the water and back on board the Eastern Skies this morning for the last time, I announced "we've got a problem". What was the problem? "I don't want to leave" .

    This has been a fantastic week, with superb service from our hosts. The diving is incredible, having seen at least one turtle, shark, stingray and an abundance of colorful tropical fish.

    The weather not being perfect, hasn't really dampened our time here much. Well, it did rain every day, sometimes heavily, but it never really lasted that long, and we at least saw a brightness from the clouded Sun each day. We did have to cancel today's Stingray City dive due to the high winds/waves (a hurricane is coming!), but a few of the Searaiders made it back out for two more reef dives this afternoon! For the rest, our dive gear is drying out, and we'll soon be saying goodbyes and heading for the airport .

    The thing is, the food, service, accommodations (simply awesome!) have all been great, but the one thing that made this trip the best ever, the key to making the Searaider's rally THE vacation for a diver/watchnut/DOXAholic to take, the one single element that really made the trip what it is? Of course the one thing that makes the Searaider's is... the Searaiders themselves! The people on this trip made this event one not to miss. I know many are planning to come back next year. I'd suggest if you really want to join in next year, be watching for the thread once we get back, and definitely watch for and get on the waiting list as soon as it is posted if you miss out on the initial sign up thread (I think 3 of our fellow Searaider's this year came from cancellations of those who had to miss out).

    I'll name them alphabetically (to be fair) Britt, Cheryl, Gavin, Jason, John, Kathy, Michael, Pete, Randy, Todd and Ty, it was a true pleasure and an honor to get to know each of you, to spend time with and dive with you. I hope all of our paths cross again, and look forward to that time. You've made this trip truly memorable and pleasant, as well as as much fun as I can recall packed into a week.

    We'll all be heading home tomorrow I think (except the Doc who left today to get his eye checked out back home, hope all works out well on that front!), but many of us I think will leave part of our souls here in Grand Cayman. When it comes time to return next year, we'll hear and heed the call. Yep, haven't left yet, and I can already hear it, can't you? De Islands be callin' Mon!
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