Art Deco: Bauhaus extrem
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Thread: Art Deco: Bauhaus extrem

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    Art Deco: Bauhaus extrem

    My first pocket watches, before I found the faszination for the brand Zenith and their history, had been mainly dresswatches in Bauhaus style. The only reason was I love the minimalistc clear style. Unfortunately these watches are from the time in the pocket watches were a discontinued model. Therefore the most movements are not really excitend and I looked for another theme. By chance I saw now a really extreme "Bauhaus" made by my favorid brand and even if the condition is a bid poor for such a young timepiece I bought this one. Here it is:
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    Sorry for the picture but this Diva with the big glas and low contrast dial wasn't behave like a fotomodel. As I saw the dial I date this watch by fashion in the year 1942. When I look on the movementnumber: 3365766 my lists speak: 1941. Wonderful this match. Unfortunately there must be a mistake. Look at the movement (uncleaned yet but unfortunately the poor condition will stay)

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    Surprise it is a 177.P . If you look on the caliber list of the Rössler book: Kaliber 177 build 1944 until 1952. The Chrom-Nickel case is numbered: 8341420. So I'm really confused about the dating of this watch. Fashion and Kalibernumber match in hole with the years 1941/42 but Rössler allowed as the most recent date 1944. In 1944 during the second war I thought no watches were build ?? A big mismatch within this aera. I hope someone (may be sempervivens ) can clear up.

    Regards Silke
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    Re: Art Deco: Bauhaus extrem

    It is certainly an interesting watch (although Bauhaus was never really my style.....). As for the "mismatch" in the movement serial numbers and the production dates of the calibre, all I can say is that it is quite easy to find other Zenith pocket watches with similarly low serial numbers on the movement and with that calibre, e.g.:

    Vintage ZENITH movements: Cal 177P at least you're not alone. Possibly another one of Rössler's small errors (sempervivens once pointed out that there are several, if I remember correctly). Or perhaps Zenith are themselves to blame, if their records are not quite up to scratch (one does sometimes wonder where all this information comes from - whether there are official lists or whether Zenith had to scrape it all out of their archives).

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: Art Deco: Bauhaus extrem

    Sorry I had not noticed this thread before.

    'the condition is a bid poor for such a young timepiece': you put a smile on my face :)

    It looks in wonderful condition for being 77 years old.

    I would also date it to 1942 based on movement and case number.

    What a beauty! I can understand that this is what you got hooked in the first place.
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