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    El Primero 21

    What’s going on all, just joined the forums.
    Picked up my second ever (real) watch the other day, an El Primero 21, black ceramic on rubber. Then found these forums to talk to some like minded individuals!
    I was also wondering, if anyone has ever sourced a ceramic bracelet, from someone else then the AD?

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    Re: El Primero 21

    Welcome to the Watchuseek Zenith forum! Congratulations on a fine watch. I do know that a ceramic bracelet is available for that model but where you would get one outside an AD, I would not know. My experience is, though, that if you want the genuine article rahter than just something generic that looks nearly the same, you pay lots of $$$ never mind whether you approach Zenith, an AD or the grey market. They all want their share of the profit and Zenith are somewhat restrictive as to who they release the genuine parts to. If you manage to get hold of one, let us know.

    Hartmut Richter
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