El Primero Chrono out the door price

Thread: El Primero Chrono out the door price

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    El Primero Chrono out the door price

    I know the El Primero Chrono stainless steel on leather strap retails at $6,700, but are Zenith ADs intractable on the actual price (like Rolex), or will they move? What would you expect to pay for this watch from an AD?

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    Re: El Primero Chrono out the door price

    I will close this thread down in line with our policy outlined in one of the stickies:


    Please discuss this via PM. If you want to know the background: our forum sponsors are ADs and they want to make a living too. I know that everyone wants to save the odd penny but always remember: if you squeeze the middle men too much and all the time, the time will come when the only place you'll the the ware is via the internet (where you won't be able to see it in person first) or directly from the manufacturer. And that doesn't only apply to watches.....

    Hartmut Richter

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