Elite Calibre, seconds hand technical question
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Thread: Elite Calibre, seconds hand technical question

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    Elite Calibre, seconds hand technical question

    Technical question here, I have a Zenith with the Elite 679. It keeps very good time but I have noticed the seconds hand seems to run slightly fast then slightly slow at points during a one minute rotation, i.e it quickens then slows ever so slightly noticeably. I’m starting to think it might just be my eyes...!

    Anyone else noticed this?
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    Re: Elite Calibre, seconds hand technical question

    I don't own one and therefore can't give any definite information. However, I do remember that people complained that the "Striking Tenth" calibre has the chrono seconds hand "shuddering" along part of its track. The videos they showed demonstrated that the shudder was most noticeable when the seconds hand was close to the horizontal (2:00-4:00 and 8:00-10:00). Since the shudder is to be expected (the lever pushes the escapement gear slightly backwards on one swing in its "to-and-fro" movement before allowing it to move forward) and there is no reason why it should be stronger in one part of the track than the rest, I would conclude that it's an optical illusion and that the eyes are somewhat more sensitive in "the horizontal" than "the vertical".

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