I recently sold my last vintage Rolex, having made some tidy little profits in the last few years out of the rising tide and consumer desperation for product. But it's destroying my soul and has absolutely nothing to do with watches. They could be tulips, or pork bellies after a bad season. So I've started looking at watches for their own sake, especially those whose value has been more or less murdered by the SS sports feeding frenzy, and Zenith is an obvious choice (JLC too).

I like the El Primero but the sizes don't often work for me. Same for the Pilots. But the Elites and Captains look great, and are available for healthy discounts from dealer networks who are likely subsiding the discounted retail prices through accelerating Rolex margins and other jewellery sales.

Anyone have stout opinions about the Captains, in particular the fume dial variants? And does the Elite movement's reputation as a robust movement still apply (any weak spots, servicing sensitivity etc)?