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    Grandmother's Watch

    Hi! Let me preface that I know absolutely nothing about watches and am so excited this forum exists. I am trying to identify a few women's watches that my grandmother (in her 90s) gave me. She thinks this one belonged to my great grandmother in the USA, but does not know a year or any history on it.

    It has "Zenith USA" on the watch band, with what is maybe a serial number? below it. On the case is and another 4 digit number, and there is a small mark that may be a diamond in the upper center. No brand name on the face, I can't find anything on the inside. I can't find a thing about it.

    Band says: ZENITH USA ; 1[1]2010K[G]FTOPS or maybe 1[/]2010K[6]FTOPS, not sure about the two characters in the brackets.

    Back: maybe diamond at the top, #/argent,
    4346 stamped

    Thank you for any leads you can give me!
    I did look at a serial number chart to find the year but I'm not even sure which is the serial number.

    Thank you again!
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    Re: Grandmother's Watch

    Hi there, and welcome to the forum. It's interesting to see a bracelet signed 'Zenith USA'. To find the serial number on the movement and to confirm whether it really is a Zenith, you have to open the case, which should be easy enough (using a swiss knife) or have it opened for you by a watchmaker, which may be the safer course if you have no experience whatsoever. Then take pictures of the movement and the inside of the caseback.
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    Re: Grandmother's Watch

    Welcome to Watchuseek, also from myself. It is a nice little watch but I suspect that it isn't a Zenith after all. If the bracelet was original to the watch and it was really a Zenith, the "U.S.A." wouldn't be there. Furthermore, around that time, most (all?) Zeniths had "Zenith" on the dial. Ultimately, the only way to find out is to photograph the movement. Good luck in getting it opened without damage - I also say that if you don't want to take any risk, see a watchmaker.

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    Re: Grandmother's Watch


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