Help me decide my first Zenith

Thread: Help me decide my first Zenith

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    Hello Friends, I hope you guys are coping well with the situation and that everyone is safe!

    After being a fan of the brand for so long, I am finally at the position to buy one! Been a fan of the old collection and is really tossed up between the following 2.

    Pricing wise is just for indication. Any advice will be great and appreciated. Thank you and stay safe!

    1) El Primero Rattrapante - $10k

    2) El Primero Tourbillon - $23k
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    Re: Help me decide my first Zenith

    I hate tourbillons and don't like holes in the dial so call me biased. However, a try at some objective reasons for buying the rattrapante:

    1. It is cheaper
    2. It is more useful (a tourbillon does nothing on the wrist except look fancy whereas you get the split second feature with the other one)
    3. It has a more legible date feature
    4. It should not be more expensive to service

    But in the end, it's your cash. If you really need an hour totaliser, you might go for the other one.

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: Help me decide my first Zenith

    I agree with Hartmut ! These open watches are not very attractive .. a bit the same as the skeleton ones .. readability is lost and aesthetically it's better to stick with classical look !
    But then to each his preferences ! Wish you a good choice !

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    Re: Help me decide my first Zenith

    Another + for the rattrapante. Looks awesome. I'm partial to chronographs and zenith does a pretty decent job to say the least.
    Congrats for your future purchase. Can't go wrong either way!

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