My Zenith Defy disaster.

Thread: My Zenith Defy disaster.

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    My Zenith Defy disaster.

    So I bought a Defy classic, blue dial. love the look.. but..

    The rotor makes noise.

    runs 7 seconds slow

    the bracelet is sharp on the inside links and painful.

    I send it back for repairs. Comes back to me with a noisy rotor, and the watch is not working at all. This happens just before vacation so I will have to send it back again.

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    Re: My Zenith Defy disaster.

    poorly serviced it sounds from the info provided......

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    Re: My Zenith Defy disaster.

    Sorry for the experience, below bar for a watch of this caliber. I take it you had it serviced at Zenith via the AD or direct to the Factory? Keep us posted on what transpires. Thanks for sharing this.

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    Re: My Zenith Defy disaster.

    Sorry to hear that! Who serviced it for you?
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    Re: My Zenith Defy disaster.

    Few points:

    The rotors on these are noisy. It doesnít bother me.

    These arenít regulated to COSC. I believe -7 is within their stated specs. Mine runs -5/day, Iím fine with that. The bigger concern is whether it stays consistent, which mine does.

    I donít own the bracelet version, so I canít speak to that. However, the inside of the clasp on the rubber strap version is also fairly sharp, so I just wear it a little looser and it doesnít seem to be a big issue.

    I donít know if sending it back was warranted in the first place, but sorry to hear that it came back in worse conditionÖ thatís not cool.
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    Re: My Zenith Defy disaster.

    Sorry to hear this Russel. I hope it works out for you.

    I can definitely hear the rotor on my Defy but it’s not something I notice while wearing it. Only when I take it off and move the watch, do I notice the rotor sound. Big difference when compared to Rolex...where you don’t hear any rotor noises at all, even when holding it directly up to my ear.

    As for the bracelet....extremely comfortable especially because of how lightweight the titanium bracelet is. Probably the most comfortable watch I own besides my OP39.
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