This is the little-known, stainless steel 40mm "Pilot" from around 2013. You rarely see it, so here's one. It didn't last long in the catalogue, although there are now aged-steel coloured variants in the same size with centre-seconds movement called "Extra Special", aimed at a unisex market.

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It has the Elite movement with over 50 hours of reserve (I get nearly 55). The case feels smaller on my 7.2" wrist than the 40mm measurement, partly because that includes the serial no. plate on the side, and because of the deep bezel and busy dial. It feels somewhat similar to an IWC Mk XV.

The period thin lugs are in two versions. Before 2016 they came with solid lugs that only took a Zenith strap, an open-ended strap, or a pull-through strap of some kind. To change it completely you had to remove the lugs. After 2016, they came with conventional lugs, still bolted to the case but with fat spring bars. Zenith would usually upgrade them free of charge, which is what the previous French owner of this watch did.

The replacement lugs are fractionally longer than the original ones, at 48mm, but this ignores the shape of course. Although the strap mounting is very low relative to the case, the sides of the case are supposed to be exposed, and it looks right. Then again this watch is designed for a strap.

It's not big by any means, but much closer to the original 41mm diameter of the 1930s Zenith Pilot than any of the 45/48/55mm variants. It was between this and the 45mm "Extra Special" with the Sellita, for about the same dollar. That was a much more modern size, but the movement didn't seem that special.