Reduction in Zenith AD’s
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Thread: Reduction in Zenith AD’s

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    Reduction in Zenith AD’s

    It seems that Zenith are following other brands such as Rolex in reducing the number of AD’s they are available at. Went to a local Fraser Hart where I was informed that they no longer stock Zenith but do have some references available at a discount should I be interested- I passed
    Morale of the story is don’t make a dedicated trip to an AD without a prior phone call or email first
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    Re: Reduction in Zenith AD’s

    I had heard that they wanted to increase the importance of their boutiques. Maybe that has something to do with it. Ultimately, it will lead to a stabilisation of prices for new watches (lower or even no discounts) which will be good for Zenith but bad for the customer.

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    Re: Reduction in Zenith AD’s

    It will be like that for the most of the brands... some have done yet... other will do it in the short term.

    Reduce AD
    Increase limited editions
    70s revivals and designs
    Reduce discounts

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    Re: Reduction in Zenith AD’s

    Zenith had almost completely disappeared from Ashford. Jomashop seems to have acquired a lot of their stock though. It’s probably reassuring that there are fewer Zenith watches in the grey market channel. There have been some awesome deals over te years though. Perhaps that’s over.

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    I think its due to the fact that the brands (atleast previous years) was underperforming. Dont think it has anything to do with a rolex like strategy
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