Thinking of buying Pilot
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Thread: Thinking of buying Pilot

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    Thinking of buying Pilot

    I'd like to have some piece of advice as I'm thinking of buying some Pilot model. It would be nice if anybody shares some experience with the Zenith brand.
    Actually, I always look at the long term relationship especially with watches. To me, one should better cheat on wife than timepiece.
    The problem is I'm a bit obsessed with the reliability and the cost of the ownership. Currently I've got about 7 watches on the base of 7750 and 2892 calibers from Tissot and Longines brands and I like these watches very much for both design, details and reliability.
    I have heard that the Zenith calibers are a bit capricious and require a very gentle treatment.

    1. How expensive is the service and repair comparing, say, to Longines or Omega?
    2. How reliable the Elite 679 caliber is comparing, say, to 2892? (manual wind, rotor, etc)
    3. How reliable the El Primero caliber is comparing, say, to 7750? (manual wind, rotor, etc)
    4. What is more reliable, El Primero or Elite 679 ?

    I need to decide which movement to choose and estimate if the service/repair will be affordable for me.
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    Thinking of buying Pilot

    Zenith are great watches and would say are as reliable as the other brands you mentioned. Service cost is expensive, but not higher than other swiss brands like Omega or Rolex. You are overthinking the service / reliability aspect; if you like them then go for it!

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    Re: Thinking of buying Pilot

    Some random thoughts:

    1. In house movements are always more expensive to service than generic ones (the company doesn't relase the parts and can dictate the prices)

    2. Chronographs are always more expensive to service than equivalent (generic or in house) three hands plus date movements

    3. The basic Cal. 400 El Primero is one of the most reliable movements there is. The only slight weakness is the automatic winding - it was the main challenge to get that from the rotor past all the chronograph bits to the main movement and, if anything goes wrong, it tends to be that. Mind you, mine has been with me for >15 years and has never played up in that respect

    4. I suspect that the Elite did have its weak spots due to its extreme slimness (3.28mm). The modern Elite is thicker (Cal. 670 is now given as 3.47mm thick, equivalent to the ETA 2892) so they must have revamped it a little. Other than that, it uses basically the same automatic winding system as the El Primero: go into the movement close to the balance cock and keep the direction changing and reduction gears inside. If it doesn't fail - and most people do not report that it dies - the rest won't give you any hassle

    5. El Primero vs. Valjoux 7750? Difficult! In terms of reliability, the Valjoux probably has a slight edge, in terms of accuracy, the El Primero easily does. Take your pick which is more important to you

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