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    Worth buying?

    Came across this vintage. What would you pay for it?

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    Re: Worth buying?

    I would have a detailed look at it - if possible in person - gain as much information about it as possible including what the movement is and whether it has been reliably serviced and then make up my mind as to what it's worth. At least what it's worth to me.

    The bottom line is that we cannot really give a detailed and reliable estimate just on the basis of a picture or two (unless it's a watch that can definitely be said to be near worthless at the very best). One should always have the watch in hand for that purpose. Because of this, we don't give estimates on this forum. If you get one from a member, the site owners/administrators/moderators will always caution you about its validity and wash their hands if anything goes wrong.

    Having said that, it looks to me from here as if it's a redialled watch (the subdial markers look too thick) which would automatically lower the value in relation to an absolutely original one. But even that cannot be said with certainty until I get some better piccies!

    Hartmut Richter

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