A Zenith Automat 133.8 1959 famous quote from an expert !
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Thread: A Zenith Automat 133.8 1959 famous quote from an expert !

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    A Zenith Automat 133.8 1959 famous quote from an expert !

    Vintage Zenith movements are universally regarded as among the highest quality that have ever been made and it was no accident that the company was a significant supplier of mechanisms to Rolex. The engineering and finish standard in this unit is second to none and we would be quite happy to go on record as stating that this mechanism is a superior product to its closest equivalents by Rolex, Omega or Jaeger LeCoultre from the same era. Every aspect of these classic Zenith movements was built up to a quality standard and there seems to have been no given to the expense of manufacture.

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    Re: A Zenith Automat 133.8 1959 famous quote from an expert !

    Well, thank you for the advert and I'm sure we appreciate the warm words (I am sure that Zenith will also do so). However, it's the sort of sales talk that could come from anyone and that doesn't really have to be backed up by facts (at least in the opinion of those who produce it.....).

    A long time ago, there was a review on the internet ("Rolex 3135 - still worthy of the crown after all these years?") that now seems to have disappeared. It gave a great run down of the Rolex 3135, the standard Rolex movement these days, highlighting all the strengths but also one or two weaknesses. At the end of it all, the question was put whether this or another movement was the ultimate oxymoron of watch movements - the best compromise, has-a-lot-of-all-that-matters-(even-though-not-necessarily-absolute-tops-in-any-department) movement of them all. It came to the conclusion that the Rolex was beaten to that title by the humble ETA 2892A2, which was backed up by another review ("ETA 2892 - the little engine that could") which has also gone. Both reviews were rather objective and backed up the claims with facts while also leaving some room for alternative opinions (sort of "It's a very close call and I won't object to anyone with a different opinion" - which would probably then be based on a different emphasis of what is the most important criterion of all).

    I should add that, at the end of the Rolex review when he tried to answer the million dollar question, he mentioned two other contenders: the Valjoux 7750 and - the Zenith Cal. 400 "El Primero". The only reason why he eliminated the EP was that it was only available (at the time) as a chronograph whereas the Valjoux 7750 had already been downgraded to a three hands plus date movement by Panerai as well as ETA themselves (it is the basis for the Valgranges series Cal. A07.161). Not sure why this disqualifies the EP but others have also commented on its ruggedness while the accuracy has been proven many times to be exceedingly high.

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