Hi all,

Recently I have uploaded a Zenith Defy "Cassaforte del Tempo" 3651 model with a tropical/ discoloured dial. The blue "miura" dial is one notorious dial - as many dials flaked over the course of years. A majority of the original ones have been replaced by pristine/NOS service dials (from the factory). Others have been restored (with different quality gradients). Only a few were left in their authentic/ original state. I have to admit that I considered looking for a perfect replacement dial at first (and found one) - yet I figured out that I love the vintage feel of those timepieces the most. This is one of the reasons I got into collecting vintage watches in the first place. Hence, I acquired my second Zenith Defy with an original dial instead of service dial- with plenty of patina on it, in such a way that it is still enjoyable for me personally. The watch comes with a Zenith crown.

P.s: As some of you have noted, I think it is indeed better to remove the relume on my first Zenith Defy. Does anyone have experience with this ? Is this a relatively easy task or will it be an expensive endeavor?

Have a lovely weekend,

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