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    Zenith watch repair

    I am new to this forum. I would like to learn about other user's experiences about Zenith watch repair and compare them to mine. I own a vintage Zenith automatic respirator watch. I have no idea how much it is worth as I recently acquired it from my deceased father. When I first wore it, it was working and then it stopped working. I looked up Zenith on Internet and found only one authorized repair dealer: LVMH in Springfield, NJ. I called the phone number give and was asked to send the watch to them insured and they would give me a repair estimate by email. I asked them how much it would cost to repair it approximately. The lady said, "between 300-400 USD." I felt comfortable to spend this kind of money on a vintage watch. So, I sent the watch to them. In about a week, they acknowledged the watch's receipt. In two more days, they sent me an estimate with email. It was $160.50! I was delighted with this sudden reduction in repair cost and was just about click on the button that says, "Accept" on the page. However, I decided to take a look at what they were going to do to the watch first by opening the PDF document that was attached to the email.

    When I opened the PDF document, I realized that they were going to charge me $160.50 to send the watch to Switzerland to get a repair estimate from Zenith. In other words, the estimate of $160.50 was an estimate for the real estimate for the cost of repair that would be charged by Zenith in Switzerland! As most people know, Switzerland being the most expensive country in the world, I thought the actual repair cost could easily reach thousands and promptly refused to accept the $160.50 estimate of the estimate!

    It seems to me that if LVMH in the US do not have qualified personnel to repair a Zenith watch in the US, they should promptly ask their customers to directly forward their watches to Switzerland instead of New Jersey. Or they could simply state in their site that all repair estimates would be quoted by Zenith Switzerland at a cost of $160.50!

    By the way, I have looked at what they did in New Jersey when they examined the watch. It was all visually obvious defects that were visible to any seeing eye! I had no reason to send the watch to New Jersey to find out about them!


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    Re: Zenith watch repair

    Thanks for the information and welcome to Watchuseek! It makes me glad that I am located in Europe where these things are made.Mine will be going in for a service soon - I wonder whether they will do it in Germany or in Switzerland..... As long as the cost and quality of the service are the same, I don't care, of course.

    Hartmut Richter
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    Re: Zenith watch repair

    I have no idea what it is worth either but I bought mine, with origional crown, at auction for £195 because there is still the "too small", "ladies watch" mentality around.
    Cost of service by an old fashioned repairer in the UK was about £80. He complemented me on the condition of the watch which is an excellent timekeeper.
    My advice is to take time to find a similar repairer with a personal recommendation if possible.

    This watch will not make you rich but sentimental value is priceless.
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