Just got an Omega....
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Thread: Just got an Omega....

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    Just got an Omega....

    Well, as the title states, I just got my first “luxury” watch. Got the seamaster 300m midsize with the ceramic non wavy dial!

    now, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with Steinhart? See since the Omega cost a pretty penny I was going to sell off a few watches, including my 39mm Pepsi gmt.

    Having both watches in hand and being able to compare them, I can really appreciate the quality you get for the price of a Steinhart! Now I’m debating if I should even sell my Steinhart.

    The only negative i I’ve I have for my omega at the moment is the cheap feeling and sound th bezel has. The only negative for the Steinhart is the lug to lug length. Problem is I have girly wrist, so there really isn’t a negative for the Steinhart in my eyes.

    Basically i I just wanted to share my thoughts on how great these Steinhart watches really are and if I sell it I hope the next person can enjoy it as much as I did
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    Re: Just got an Omega....

    There should never be a problem with having a Steinhart in your collection, especially a classic. I wouldn't sell that GMT Pepsi unless it was to buy another great watch or, if you never wear it. You'll be happier wearing it than losing money selling it . The size should not bother you. I have a 6 3/4" wrist and I wear everything from 39mm to 60mm and I love all the looks. The Steinhart is sporty and dressy and fits under a suit so you can wear it for lots of things. If you have 50 watches and already own a Pepsi GMT of another company, I could understand selling but that's a classic watch , homage or not. Seiko , Rolex, Tudor, Squale, and everyone else
    makes one .
    You can change bezel inserts , you can put other straps on. Look what I did with my 42mm Ocean One Pepsi GMT...I changed the insert to Burgundy Ceramic and matched a strap and cut it to accept the endlinks. Just to be different. It started life as a Black GMT , then Pepsi now this. I already have a Pepsi GMT so it was not a big loss.
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    Re: Just got an Omega....

    You’re thinking “should I not sell it?” Even before it’s up for sale so I think the subliminal message here is to keep the Steiny.
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    Re: Just got an Omega....

    If selling the Steinhart can help you financially, just do it.

    Otherwise, put it a the drawer and enjoy it from time to time. There will be situations in which you might need a tool watch, not a luxury watch.
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    Re: Just got an Omega....

    I hope you bought your Omega at an AD cause if it sounds cheap, there's a possibility you bought a fake. In any case, you can wrap the bezel with dental floss and tuck in the ends with another floss length to get rid of the cheapness sound when rotating the bezel. Replica collectors do this to make their fakes sound genuine.

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    Re: Just got an Omega....

    I had the Omega Seamaster 300M Professional. I can agree that the bezel seems to be not as good as it should be on a watch of that price. I ended up selling it to fund the purchase of a Tudor BB.

    I still have an Omega Speedmaster Professional (Moonwatch) which I will not sell. I also have a Steinhart 39MM Pepsi GMT. There are times when I hold the Omega and Steinhart side by side and try to see how the Omega is 10X the price of the Steinhart. I guess I would find the differences using a loupe.

    Steinhart are great watches and very well made. I would highly recommend one to anyone looking to add an excellent watch to their collections.

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