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    Another LACO-Flieger LE...

    i just found a thread on the german watch-forum about another planned laco flieger special edition.

    although this watch differs from the original timepiece, it's an interesting interpretation imho...

    first mock-up:

    of course i definetly prefer our LE, because it's the closest thing the original one!

    but i think this one combines some historic elements with modern parts, which could lead to another interesting limited timepiece...

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    Not my style, looks like a marine chronometer dial with lumed marks and flieger hands.

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    Re: Another LACO-Flieger LE...

    I like the dial, but they should use different hands, maybe Breuget style.
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    Re: Another LACO-Flieger LE...

    Quote Originally Posted by Paulo View Post
    Not my style, looks like a marine chronometer dial with lumed marks and flieger hands.
    Well, one doesn't really need any more words than that to sum it up.

    Sub-seconds on a B-Uhren-style is out of place, IMHO, seeing that the original B-Uhren had their sub-seconds movement for a center second hand.

    Martin ("Crusader")

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