Casio Edifice EMA-100B-1A9VUEF $350.00

Thread: Casio Edifice EMA-100B-1A9VUEF $350.00

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    Casio Edifice EMA-100B-1A9VUEF $350.00

    Casio Edifice Tide Watch EMA-100B-1A9VUEF. Price drop to $300.00. I just got this watch. It was brand new with tags. It does everything, including the tide. The tag is still attached, comes with original packaging and user's manual. It's too big and too complicated for me. I'll ship by priority mail trackable $15.00. So the price is $365.00 including shipping CONUS.
    Super illuminator
    With the push of a button, the display lights up in a fashionable color.
    Resistant to magnetic fields
    This case is designed to protect against magnetic fields.
    A luminous coating requires only a short-term exposure to light, to provide a long-term light effect in the dark.
    A sensor measures the temperature around the watch and displays it in Celsius. Operation range: -10°C to +60°C.
    Tide Graph
    Tidal movement is graphically displayed on the dial, adjusted for your latitude and longitude position.
    Moon data display
    Based on your current position, in relation to latitude and longitude, the currant moon phases is visible on the dial.
    World clock
    The largest cities in the world are pre-programmed in this watch, so you can select current city/town (closest to you, in the same time zone), and the watch automatically shows the correct time.
    Stopwatch function - 1/100 sek. - 1000 timer
    Preliminary time, split time and final time are measured down to 1/100 of a second's accuracy. The measuring capacity is up to 1000 hours!
    Timers - 1/1 min - 24 hours (with auto repeat)
    Useful general information: the countdown timer can provide reminders of special and/or repeating events. The timers can also automatically count back from the defined time. Timers can be set in second intervals, up to 24 hours in advance - so it is very useful for reminding about training/medicine.
    5 daily alarms
    The alarms are using an acoustic signal that could remind you of repeating events at a set time. You can also set a time signal that indicates each full hour. This model has five independent alarms for flexible reminders of important appointments/events.
    Snooze function
    You can pause the alarm, and it will be reactivated after a few minutes.
    Keyboard sounds on/off
    The keyboard sounds can be deactivated, without affecting other sounds (alarm, reminders et cetera).
    The watch automatically adjust for different months different lengths, and for leap years.
    12/24-hour timing
    The time can be specified either in a 12 hour (AM/PM) or in a 24 hour format.
    Mineral crystal
    This, very durable, mineral crystal has improved protection.
    Resin strap
    Natural resin is an ideal material for straps, as the material is characterized by being very durable as well as very flexible.
    Water protection: 200 meter (20 bar)
    This watch can be worn while swimming/snorkeling (near the surface). The value refers to the pressure in water, at that depth, while motionless... and should not be seen as the depth for wearing the watch..

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    Re: Casio Edifice EMA-100B-1A9VUEF $350.00

    Price dropped to $300.00.

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    Re: Casio Edifice EMA-100B-1A9VUEF $350.00


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