Up for grabs is my burly G-Shock Mudman 8400GP Limited Edition from the year 2000. It is a Modified or "pimped out" G-Shock. I purchased a DW 6900RE ($100 value) and took its module and put it inside of the Mudman, giving the Mudman a stealthy "Red Eye" look. The Mudman also has the very classy "Gold Ring" and clasp to match.

The only flaw to the watch is a tiny nibble that was taken out of the rubber that encases the screws ( not visible when worn). The watch is Mudresist, Stopwatch, Timer, Alarm, Indiglo, Date and Time.

Watch is Like New other than the blemish to the screw casing. In addition, I cannot gaurantee water Resist since the caseback has been opened.

Comes with original Box. $170 plus $5 shipping in the States.

All questions welcome. David
[email protected]