FS: Hexa Q500 grey dial beadblasted Mint condition on rubber
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Thread: FS: Hexa Q500 grey dial beadblasted Mint condition on rubber

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    Picked this up from a seller here last year as new and unworn and it has been just sitting in the watchbox. As you can see in the photos it is flawless. The battery was changed a few months back and seals were re-greased. It keeps the most accurate time out of almost all of my watches. I love my K500 and the other Q500 I have on a matching 5 link bracelet. I got this one because of scarcity and as a backup. However both are still running strong and the Qs always seem to be only a few seconds off of atomic time whenever I look. It didn’t come with the bracelet and I am selling it for less than I paid. It took me several years to find a seller with the Hexa bracelet and because of this I am keeping it with the other watch listed seperately. I have started selling off my duplicates (see my listings for SBDC051, Mido Ocean Star, Sea Urchin and others) and this is another of my most loved... but unnecessary/ redundant pieces and it’s just time to let it go.

    SOLD$350 obo includes CONUS priority shipping.SOLD

    If you are a collector you would likely have one of these bold pieces in your collection. It was one of the most unique and is still to this day one the best made American microbrand watches in the last 5 years. If you like the Sinn U1, Stowa Seatime Prodiver, Oris Obris Morgan Aegis / Infinity, The Dievas Vortex, Kobold SMG, Oris TT1 / Aquis, The Iranteum Magellan, Prometheus Jellyfish or Piranha or Boschet Cave Dweller or similar watches you will have an appreciation for this one.

    There were only a small number made and are now extremely hard to find. The likelyhood of others out there in unworn, mint condition like this one are slim to none I'm sure. I have watched almost every day for 4 years and managed to find this one by replying to the seller an hour after it was listed. It took two years (maybe more) to track down the Hexa bracelets and just happened to find them on a fluke and as far as I know bought the last of them. The lume is as bright as Superluminova C3X1 and is a proprietary compound made by Lum-Tec. Easily one of the brightest and longest lasting in existance today. I really think the soft matte grey dial and matte black hands work great together. The printing on the dial is clean and ballanced and matches the hands. The grey also matches the bead blasted case finishing. Wearing it you would find it to be very comfortable with the crown at 10:30.
    (edit) In regards to several PMs today regarding this listing: The K500 is the same watch case but with an automatic movement and different colorway. I have a K500 that is all brushed and polished with a matching bracelet and bezel that I would never sell (It was originally available with a black PVD bezel option also). I had purchased my second Q500 (this one listed) thinking maybe at some point I could swap the dials and have my ideal watch -the look of the Q500 but as an automatic ...which I am more inclined to appreciate. I resisted this lofty idea for two reasons- I didn’t want to alter a perfect watch to make it look different than it was originally intended and the hands would not be the same- A Miyota movement has differnet pinion/stem diameters from those of the Seiko NE15, so if swapping movements the hands would need to stay with the movement.....and if it were even possible with broaching the grey hands of the K500 over the grey dial from the Q might be difficult to read and vice versa. I have never been in love with the red seconds hand and red accent printing on the K so then that Q used for its dial would have lost its appeal ...but otherwise the K is one of the coolest watches in my collection and the gloss black dial works with the shinier case and bracelet .....it just doesn’t have the same visual appeal as the Q. This Q offered here is probably will forever be the perfect looking watch to me. Tough yet refined. Dangerous but gentle. Everything the Seiko Monster wish it could be (even with the sharp teeth of then2nd gen). The Hexa Q500 is just a badass watch and the closest resemblance of what I consider to be the coolest looking watch (which is why it is my forum avatar). There is quite a bit of nostalgia involved with my other (well worn) Q which I would also never sell and it’s series number has always been special long before I bought it and also the last watch Hexa sold of this line before moving on to the next model. I would rather have two perfect watches than two altered or modded ones so letting go of the 3rd which after deciding to leave well enough alone deserves a new home in it’s flawless and unadulterated perfection.
    ————————————————————————————————————————————— ————
    This listing is just for the watch on Hexa rubber bracelet. The optional bracelet that Hexa developed and manufactured is second to none in quality, comfort and craftsmanship and easily doubles the value of this watch to the owner. It matches this case with the same media/bead blasted finish, However I have another watch that I cannot imagine using any other bracelet with and if it doesn’t sell I want to keep it with it as it is just a perfect combination. If you really want a perfectly matched Hexa blasted bracelet with this watch then please see my other listing.
    I will make you a deal for both watches below what I am asking individually.

    Here are some reviews when Hexa first released it:

    Diameter - 44MM
    Lug to Lug - 51MM
    Height - 14.75MM
    Lug Width - 22MM
    316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Case
    Triple O-Ring Design
    Screw Down Signed Crown at the 10 position
    Hexa integrated crownguard
    500M Depth Rating
    Stainless Steel Caseback
    Double O-ring screw locked
    Engraved Serialized (#24)
    Includes Italian rubber dive strap
    3MM Sapphire Crystal with anti-reflective coating inside
    Dial Luminescence by Lüm-Tec
    Numeral letterforms based on interstate signage - designed to be absorbed at a glance
    60 Click unidirectional bezel
    Luminous Triangle
    Miyota Precision Quartz Movement
    Shock resistant
    Each Q500 is individually pressure tested to ensure reliability at 500M (1,640 ft)

    All great feedback here with 100% and hundreds of transactions on Ebay.
    Please pm me with any questions. I am open to offers as stated for both watches (Momentum Fieldwalker and the Hexa and the only way to get the matching bead blasted bracelet with this watch).
    I do have a new and factory wrapped (but polished version) of the same Hexa 5 link bracelet for an additional $150 (shown next to it in the photo third from last)...getting it blasted to match would be your choice and the reason I am only asking $150.

    Not interested in trades as I am trying to reduce the size of my collection.
    My photos do not reflect the beauty and care I take of the watches I own or sell. I am hoping my descriptions are adequate and the positive feedback left from other buyers. The old flannel chair used as a backdrop seems now to have maybe just become an icon in all my listings ...but when I get the photo studio set up again I promise an attempt will be made to do them justice! ...and with studio lighting, media, water, sexy atmosphere and horological/ ocean props like some sellers use! Last two photos are from the web. The b&w from promotional material.
    Thanks for looking!

    SOLD Thanks WUS & member!
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