FS: Vintage Oversized MECHANICAL REPEATER - $1499

Thread: FS: Vintage Oversized MECHANICAL REPEATER - $1499

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    FS: Vintage Oversized MECHANICAL REPEATER - $1499

    This is a truly rare piece. Forgive me if I donít have all the details, but this is very unique. I apologize in advance for the verbose post, but this is worth it. This is what my watchmaker could make of this one. This is an early 1900s repeater pocket watch conversion. And whatís moreÖit actually mostly works! It has been cased in a fancy lug case, and has a beautiful, soft French leather strap.

    The reason why I say ďmostlyĒ works.
    - It does run, and the balance staff swings free and strong. However, it feels like it is fully wound. The crown will only turn once or so, then it will start running, and stop after about 15 minutes.
    - Both the high and the low pitched gongs strike and produce sound. However, they do not chime the correct time so Iíd imagine there is some setting that needs adjustment.
    - There is no slide for the repeater. You can see a slot where the slide pull is supposed to go, but one was not created yet for this. As of now the repeating mechanism can be activated using a fingernail or toothpick.

    Overall, it is in great shape and would make a fantastic project watch. Most repeater movements are missing all sorts of pieces or are way beyond repair. This one has all the pieces in-tact and mostly functioning. A good watchmaker or someone who has a good watchmaker can pick this up for a steal!

    Iíve included a bunch of links:
    Here are some youtube videos I took of the watch so you can see (and hear) it in action and chiming away:
    Repeater Running - YouTube
    Repeater Sounding1 - YouTube
    Repeater Sounding2 - YouTube

    Here are some links to some recent feedback I have received about other sales Iíve done on WUS:

    I bought this watch for $2600. I originally thought I would put a little extra money in to get it up to full working order, but Iíve recently changed jobs to a job that is much more hands-on and outdoors so this beauty would only get very limited wrist time.

    So my loss is your gain and I am willing to let it go for $1499 via Paypal or Bankwire. If interested in international shipping be prepared with references and PM me first to discuss shipping cost.

    Please let me know if you have any questions at all and Iíll do my best to answer.


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    Re: FS: Vintage Oversized MECHANICAL REPEATER - $1499

    Still Available.

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