Ok I bought this one from a forumer and it turns out the 6105 is not for me - and Id wanted one for ages, sigh.... So its back up for sale.

It was listed here: http://www.rltwatches.co.uk/forums/i...howtopic=14410

Ive been told these go for £200 on ebay but thought it may be best to list it back on the forums first in case anyone fancies a little easy project, rather than let someone we dont know make money out of it.

Inside the back it has the following written: 'L-G 3-26-06' so it looks like its been serviced recently somewhere that uses a US date code. Movt is a 6105B im told, im not sure if thats a good or a bad thing, but either way it "looks very clean" and has a "newish looking seal". These are in quotes because thats what I was informed by the watchmaker.

Id like to get back the costs of the fettle its had since it arrived with me (cleaned dirt from under hands and fixed non functioning bezel which werent mentioned on the original sales ad) so this watch is now £139 posted. Which seems a good price for a Seiko 6105 that looks like it was recently serviced and is presentable (great case and clean new dial and hands) on the wrist with only the date wheel to let it down.

Also not mentioned in the original sales ad is that the the date wheel is scratched in places and the '29' appears as '2'. The crown doesnt lock - just pushes in, although it is an original looking one with 'lock' written on it. Otherwise as far as I can tell this as per the original listing and its a reasonable clean looking watch on a good seiko z20 rubber strap.
I can photograph the offending dates for any prospective purchaser - i think its 25th and 28th and maybe one other that are not mint and these are only scratched not missing like the 9 of 29.

Any pics or info that needed - please drop me a line.
Price: £139 or US$269 posted to anywhere in the world - bank transfer within the UK or paypal (+4% to cover the fees) for the rest of the world.

To contact me please remove the NO and SPAM from the email address. Thanks.