To find out about how much your watch is currently selling for, it's best to use eBay as a guide.

***You'll need to register as a user on eBay if you haven't already got an ID and password***

When you go to eBay's main page ( eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices ) look on the left hand side for the box "Shop your Favorite Categories". From that list, select "Jewelry & Watches":

which will bring you to another page. Scroll down and look for the category "Watches". Under that subheading, select "Wristwatches":

which will bring you to the main page of watch listings ( watches items - Get great deals on fossil watches, omega watches items on! ). On the left hand side of the screen there is a column full of options. At the top is "Refine search". The first box is for "Brand". Click on "Choose more..." inside that box:

which will cause a pop-up window of brand names to appear in a few seconds:

Scroll down until you find the brand you are looking for. Click on the box to the left of that name. This will turn the box blue and put a check mark in it. Then go to the bottom right corner of the pop-up window and click on the oval with the word "Go" inside. You have just narrowed the search and you'll see only that brand's name in the "Brand" box at the top left of the screen.

Skip the "Gender" options. The next box down is "Age", but if you aren't certain what era your watch is from it's best to skip that also. Scroll down the page to "Preferences". Under "Show only" click on "Completed listings":

At this point, you will be asked for your eBay user ID and password if you aren't logged in already. Next will come the screen that shows all the listings that ended within the last month. If your watch has a specific series name (IE: Omega Seamaster, Rolex Submariner, etc.) you will want to type that series name in the box at the top left of the screen:

then hit your computer's ENTER key. All the completed listings will come up; sometimes several pages worth. You can scroll through them and click on each individual listing for more details. Simply use your browser's back button to exit a listing and return to the main page. The prices you see in GREEN are what that particular watch actually sold for. The prices you see in RED are the asking price from the seller that did not result in a sale. Remember, you can ask whatever you want, but if it's too high the odds are it won't sell. To estimate value it's best to find a few similar (or identical) watches to yours that have actual selling prices in GREEN.