Lucky Casio Repair Lot and Two AW-2X Complete Sets (almost)
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Thread: Lucky Casio Repair Lot and Two AW-2X Complete Sets (almost)

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    Lucky Casio Repair Lot and Two AW-2X Complete Sets (almost)

    Found some lucky auctions on YJ recently that have allowed me to acquire some of my most-wanted Casios. These have been on my wish list for some time.

    First, there was this one. This is a Casio AW-200 which I've been after for my nearly complete Casio module 384 collection. I thought it would sell for close to $200 (it would on eBay), but I got it for less than $100. Lucky me!

    Then this lot, sold as parts / repair, untested by someone who doesn't know how to change the batteries. Yeah right, heard that before! Well the one in the center is a rare AW-210, the steel-cased version of the AW-21U. Only one other photo of this one exists on the whole Internet, so I'm pretty sure it's an exceedingly rare find. Broken, or not, I went for it figuring I can buy a AW-21U and swap the module if need be. In fact I bought an AW-21U white dial on eBay just in case it came to that.

    Well they all arrived today. First the AW-200. It's immaculate. It looks unworn. Bracelet is original and it's in mint condition

    Then came the suspenseful part, the battery changes on my repair lot. Well, I lucked out this time:

    The Casio AW-210 - the grail watch of this era of steel-cased Casio ana-digis fired right up! It's it great shape without a scratch, except the bracelet has been shortened and will need to wear an extension to fit my adult wrist. As a bonus I got a nice ALT-600 Altitude / Thermometer. Strangely, all the manuals I can find for this watch reference module 950, but this one has module 960, which - from what I can tell - is the same except it only supports metric, and can't be switched to Fahrenheit / feet. Finally I got a W-50U World Time, which features a great module cheapened by a chintzy plastic case.

    With addition of the AW-210, and the AW-21U white dial I bought for a spare module, I now have set complete of the module 987 Casios (strap is on the way)

    I also have 5 of the 7 module 384 Casios

    Casio AW-503 - Bought broken from eBay seller in Poland an repaired (broken battery contact)
    Casio AW-200 - Impossible to find in this condition
    Casio AW-20 White Dial
    Casio AW-20 Black Dial - The watch that started it. My mom bought it for me for Christmas, 1991. It sat in a drawer for 27 years, until I revived it this year. That started a watch buying binge that has led to me owning 68 watches a mere 6 months later :)
    Case AW-20 Skyline Racing Team - A really rare Casio. like my AW-210, only one photo of this watch exists on the Internet. I don't believe Casio did a lot of custom branded promo watches. I've seen some Honda racing Casios, but not many. I'd love to know the history. Suffice to say it's very possibly a true one-of-a-kind watch and it's in mint condition to boot.

    A true set complete would include an AW-200 white dial:
    and a Casio PNM-509 Poseidon:
    But I buy to wear, and I'm not excited by those, so I'll probably stop where I am unless they fall into my lap.

    Here's the whole family:
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    Re: Lucky Casio Repair Lot and Two AW-2X Complete Sets (almost)

    Very nice collection of vintage ana-digis.
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