Stipped screw repair on digitals.

Thread: Stipped screw repair on digitals.

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    Stipped screw repair on digitals.

    I'm sure many here experienced this with caseback screws. I managed to remove them with out scratching the back with some thin pliers, but now I can't screw it back in.
    Is there any way or cheap tool I can use to carve out enough of a divet to be able to use a flat-head and screw the back in properly?
    Watch in question is one of my beloved Pulsar PW3001s. Is it possible to just buy spare screws?
    I wish I bought more when they were cheap to have spare screws and stuff. Because this particular watch is full steel, there's probably a higher risk of screw stripping compared to other digitals that screw into plastic.

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    Re: Stipped screw repair on digitals.

    I googled it and from the picture it looks like they're just very small phillips head machine screws, correct?? There are many sources for small phillips screwdrivers that should fit the screw heads without any need to create a divot for clearance. google "jewelers screwdriver set"

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    Re: Stipped screw repair on digitals.

    To be clear it's the screw head and not the threads that are stripped. If it is the head then my first thought is to call Pulsar and see if a set of screws for that watch is available. I've done that with other brands and found the parts departments to usually be helpful. If that fails then your best bet is to take it to a good local watch repair shop. (not a jewelry store or battery/bracelet kiosk) They should be able to fit a new screw. I have opened a gouged notch with a jewelers file but you may not have that tool. And the head may be too small.

    If you are using pliers to remove watch back screws please consider a set of jewelers screwdrivers instead. Good ones can be found for not much money.

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